Benefits of Positive news

Benefits of Positive news

It is difficult to remain calm and relaxed with all the negativity that surrounds us. All we hear is bad and depressing news. The constant political statements, murder news and other depressing stories that media tells us, creates a bad effect on people. It causes people to worry unnecessarily. The human brain is not designed to digest bad news one after the other. It is way too much pressure to handle for the human brain. In the past the television played an important role in making people sad and depressed whereas nowadays the social media plays this role.

A psychologist named Kelly smith says that the best solution is to filter the news and find the media outlets that don’t bother you with war, crime and terror. Instead focus more on positivity. A daily dose of good news may make you a happy person and would benefit your health in many ways. Good news will not only make you calm and help you enjoy life but will also reduce violence, rage and anger from your life. One should read stories and news that benefit the humankind and the living. Reading something nice about the environment and the world will for sure bring a smile on your face instead of reading something about terror. Adding a daily dose of good news to your routine can benefit you mental and physical health. You can find various sites on the internet for good news.

A research found that optimism and positivity leads towards a healthy heart and cuts the chances of a lung decline rate. Whereas positive news, decreases chances of stress and anxiety. It all depends on what we read, listen and think. If we will hear, read and think only positive and good things then we will be more productive and will be more healthy and fit.

Optimism and positivity increases the life span of humans and lowers the rate of depression and distress. Also, there are many surprising benefits of good news to our health which includes an increased resistance to the common cold. A positive outlook towards the world enables people to cope better with the stressful situations. Reports show that optimistic people tend to live healthier lifestyles as compared to people who are only exposed to negativity.

Luckily, a lot of websites are trying to create positive news for people to have a better day. People who tend to have good moods have a lower level of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that leads to high blood pressure, weak immune systems and obesity. People who tend to have a lower level of this hormone are less prone to diseases like cancer and heart attacks. So, start your day with all the positivity you can get. Read positive and good news and avoid news that make you sad and depressed. You will notice a change in your lifestyle as soon as you eliminate negativity from your life.